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"My son was a non swimmer and after a near drowning accident he was extremely resistant to swimming lessons. All of the teachers did such a good job being patient with his resistance, making it fun for him and something he looked forward to. By the end of the summer I could hardly believe that he was swimming independently and had really overcome his fears. He is barely 4 years old! We will definitely come back! 

Erica Peterson (owner of Susie's Swim School)

"My daughter Quincy(6 years old) made huge progress last year and was so excited to go to lessons! Excited to do it again this summer!

Amy Moore

My four year old didn't even like to put his face in the water at the beginning of last summer. I was thrilled when after a couple of hours you had him completely under water and loving it. Can't wait for lessons this summer.

Shana Blackburn

"My three year old loved the individual attention and fun lessons. It gave her the confidence to start swimming without a floatie. We are excited to do it again this year!"

Tara Bigelow

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