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Cole Tapia

I've spent a majority of my waking hours in water, whether it was for swim team, water polo, surfing or wakeboarding. I have been on a swim team for 7 years now. My Relay Team at Eagle High broke the State and Regional record placing 1st and taking the State Title. I am the oldest of 4 kids and love working with children. I lifeguarded at the Meridian YMCA and Cal High Olympic pool in California and have a current CPR certification. I have a blast teaching your kids and watching them thrive and progress in the pool.

Bethany Spackman

I am the owner of the pool and an instructor at Sink or Swim, and I'm 20 years old. I learned how to swim as a kid and have spent my life in the water since. I've participated on swim teams for a total of 6 years and have my lifeguard and CPR certification. I'm currently a student at BYU-Hawaii. Teaching swim lessons is so fun and I love seeing the smiles on the kids faces when they learn a new skill and want to show off to their parents :).

Jacob Spackman

I am 22 years old and am the owners older brother. I'm a pre-med student at UVU. I love kids and I love swimming! I have a lot of experience with the water including wakeboarding, surfing, boating, snorkleing, and swim teams. I taught Bethany everything she knows. I can't wait to teach your kids and help them become awesome swimmers!

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